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Features of WITTY

40+ Ways to Pay and Get Paid

You'll always have a payment channel that works for you. We give you more options to get Value.

Speed and Decentralization.

Centralization flaws the idea of Cryptocurrency. If You don't have the Private Key to your wallet then you don't own those Assets.

Global Reach

We support up to 5 International Languages, this means that you can do Business beyond Borders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Buyers cannot place a Buy Order, rather Buyers will go through the Sell Orders placed by Sellers and choose an order they are comfortable with, then you start the process of transacting with the particular Seller by just following the prompts. To place a Sell Order, Transfer the Crypto from your Trustwallet or Metamask to the Escrow Account, choose what Crypto you'd like to sell, set your percentage mark up (profit), and place the Order.

Our Platform has the capacity to work globally, it supports 5 major International languages. All local currencies are supported as long as there are Buyers and Sellers in that Country. However, users from countries or jurisdictions where Cryptocurrencies have been outlawed shouldn't use our system as we will not be liable for such use.

For Buyers, you need your local currency and a wallet either from Trustwallet or Metamask where you'll receive the Cryptocurrency after payment. While for Sellers, you need to have the Cryptocurrency you want to sell in your possession as well as a Bank Account to receive the proceeds of the sale
This is a Decentralized Platform, this means that the Management does not have access to your wallet, so it's impossible for it to be blocked in any Way, Shape, or Form. Sellers are only required to transfer the portion of their Crypto which they want to sell into the Escrow account in other to protect the Buyer before he/she sends funds to the Seller.
The fact that we are upholding the true essence and objective of Cryptocurrency which is Decentralization. As a player in the Crypto space, you should be in full custody of your Crypto Assets in wallets you own its Private Keys, this is the only way to guarantee you actually own those assets. If you don't own the Private Keys of your wallet, then the Crypto doesn't truly belong to you
Our Platform was built with Passive Income for our users in mind. So every new user must register through the referral link of an existing user, that way the existing user earns throughout the lifetime of the new user.
Passive Income is not just possible, it's the Fulcrum of the entire WITTY Ecosystem. Our CEO once promoted a project where he recruited 25,000+ people but because that project doesn't have a Passive Income component, he's no longer earning a dime from that effort. Imagine if in a worst-case scenario that on average each of those 25,000 people makes him just $1 a month, that would have been $25,000 every month passive income. This is what motivated him to build a truly Passive Income channel where people can work once and get paid throughout the lifecycle of their referrals.
Your earning potential in the WITTY Ecosystem is not determined by the system but by the user. It's a function of your Work Ethic, Motivation, and Drive. We have created a truly Passive Income channel where you can earn commissions across all our network of Use Cases, it's now the responsibility of the user to maximize the opportunity and possibly earn life-changing income from activities generated by his/her generation.
We are building an End to End Value Chain in the Crypto Space. Our Use Cases are such that users will most likely have a need to use at least one of them in a month. This means that even in a bad month, you'll earn commissions from at least the use of one of our Use Cases by your referrals.
Invite your friends and earn Referral Commissions of up to 60% of Transaction Fees for life. This is the Passive Income Lifestyle